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evermore (Explicit) | Taylor Swift to stream in hi-fi, or to download in True CD Quality on We weren’t nervous necessarily about getting it there. I wasn’t allowed to know who the artist was. ... Electric Guitar Aaron Dessner & Josh Kaufman. I knew I wanted to be a musician when I was young, but I wanna be working. I had my friend Bella [Blasko] recording us, and she was basically tracking these rehearsals, no headphones, we’re just playing through ideas, and then I go back through it later and find the ones I like. I think the beauty of that group is that we don’t really need much to get going. So I’ve always approached production from just being a musician in the room, you know? Again, from doing session work and playing guitar behind so many people for so many years, I come from that school of: The vocal’s happening, and then you play right afterwards, make a little thing, but you don’t play on the vocal, know what I mean? STEREOGUM: You and Kate Stables had an album listening party over Zoom, and you were talking about recording it in Box, England, which looks like it’s in a fairly remote part of the country, right as COVID-19 set in. Taylor Swift Releases New Album evermore: Listen and Read the Full Credits Pitchfork - Evan Minsker. They’re so good. He’s just a great community builder and he always has been. Not everybody knows the indie-level stuff. Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Folk Pop. He is a member of … Like, really? More Taylor Swift albums evermore (deluxe version) We were supposed to do it this fall. December 11, 2020 More songs from Taylor Swift It won’t take that long to do, I think. He and I were making feedback noises with our Stratocasters as the soundtrack, and maybe occasional high-school pentatonic moves in there as well. I think they’re both really good, but the new one to me feels like we got to a place as collaborators that we weren’t able to quite get the head of steam from the first one. “Annie always says I have no idea what to do with a day off,” Kaufman says. Josh Kaufman, who won the sixth season of The Voice, plays lap steel guitar, harmonica, and mandolin. I can’t just stop. It was very comfortable. It’s nice to have somebody else’s music brain on the music that you’re working on. STEREOGUM: You and Paul have known each other for decades. Taylor Swift's second album of 2020, evermore, has arrived. [CDATA[ That’s something everybody knows. KAUFMAN: I think both Paul and I would learn little bits of other people’s songs when we were starting, but we were both kinda like self-taught, taught by ear. How An Eyebrow Change Totally Transformed These Celebs The List. Even the popular stuff that looms large, it’s still very niche. KAUFMAN: I think my last session I have booked is a week before we’re looking like we’re gonna have the kids. The song is set in 4 4 common time and has a tempo of 84 beats per minute. It’s just consistently there on the new record in a way that I’m not ever second-guessing it. 2 days ago. Annie always says I have no idea what to do with a day off. I think I went to the airport without any of my own supply of hand sanitizer, but I remember at the airport being like, fuck, I should buy some hand sanitizer, just stupid little things that I think are going to protect me. It’s more about collecting the songs and where we wanna go with it. It’s more just about the three of us bouncing ideas off each other in real time and having the mics rolling while we’re doing it, sort of like a rehearsal recording scenario, if that makes sense. STEREOGUM: Some of the songs on the album date back to about 2015, and you’ve been friends with Paul and Matt for longer than that. I would never play that way, but she liked it, so it ended up there. Bates. Like, “Oh shit, I’m not getting back on the subway for another two years,” or whatever. Bon Iver. Taylor Swift Releases New Album evermore: Listen and Read the Full Credits. It’s one of the first sounds that creeps in on Taylor Swift’s “betty,” a late highlight on her (first) surprise 2020 album, folklore. What did you play together back then? STEREOGUM: Speaking of folk music, can you tell me what Aaron Dessner said when he reached out to ask you to contribute to Taylor Swift’s folklore? We were like, we’ll rent Eric a camper so he doesn’t have to stop anywhere, and he and his wife and his dog can travel across the country, and we’ll all go up to Vermont, where Anaïs is on her family farm with her parents and stuff, and we’ll work on the new Bonny record up there. STEREOGUM: It seems like both the way that band took shape and the way the album was recorded all fall within the way you operate, which feels deeply rooted in collaboration. I think we’re all old guys, so a record seems like the way that you put music together and show it to people. “no body, no crime” was written by Swift and produced by Swift, with co-production by Aaron Dessner. That’s pretty special. It’s not really so much about building the track up, or that kind of production. KAUFMAN: It’s kinda hard to look at, kinda hard to believe. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2020 CD release of Evermore on Discogs. — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) July 24, 2020. I did some overdubs from home, but some of that stuff, I got tested and went over to Long Pond and did some stuff in person. STEREOGUM: That collaborative and historical folk style would also likely lend itself nicely to a volume two. Drums J.T. That’s just an interesting brothership, I think, between all those guys. So to think that some of my favorite musicians in the world were able to be a part of this thing, and hopefully make a positive ripple in the world. I like to stay busy, so it kinda helps me. And also, we did everything on the new record at the same studio for the most part over just two sessions. Like, what are we working towards? Taylor Swift has assisted a teenager in the U.K. with her university dreams by donating more than $30,000 (£22,700) to cover her tuition fees. Lap Steel Guitar Josh Kaufman. "http":"https";t.getElementById(r)||(n=t.createElement(e),,n.src=i+"://",s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s))}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); I wasn’t even allowed to hear the vocal on the track, so it’s kind of funny when I listen back to “betty,” for instance, I’m playing all over the vocal, which is so not my style at all. So we would make stuff up and jam, make our own things up most of the time. ... Josh Kaufman, Ariel Rechtshaid, Ben Lanz, BJ Burton, James McAllister, So Percussion's Jason … At the center of it all is Kaufman, who can turn a guitar, mandolin, or keyboard part into a moment, elevating everyone in his vicinity. Josh Kaufman Launched 2 Indie Supergroups And Worked On 2 Surprise Taylor Swift Albums This Year - By Chris DeVille. It just feels good. It’s a different kinda life, and I think that makes it a really cool, joyful thing. “cowboy like me” is the 11th track on Taylor Swift’s 9th studio album, evermore. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Taylor Swift has released her new album evermore, which she announced earlier today. Other credited musicians include Ariel Rechtshaid, GAYNGS’ Ryan Olson, Muzz’s Josh Kaufman, and yMusic co-founder CJ Camerieri. I recorded that when I was in Brooklyn, from my closet, and I sent it to Aaron, and he and I have worked together in that capacity for many years, so that wasn’t really strange for me to do. Recorded By] – Josh Kaufman Saxophone, Clarinet – Evan Smith (2) Written-By – Taylor Swift, William Bowery: D2: Peace ... Taylor Swift vocals recorded [...] at the Kitty Committee Studio (Los Angeles, CA) Bon Iver vocals recorded [...] at April Base (Fall Creek, WI) That’s how Kaufman — a seasoned musician and producer who co-orchestrated the sprawling, star-blitzed 2016 Day Of The Dead compilation with Dessner among other work within the National’s orbit — ended up recording his part in the closet at his apartment after his young daughter went to sleep. To capture a mood true to its title, Swift enlisted the National’s Aaron Dessner to quietly round up some of his usual suspects. “dorothea” is the eighth song on evermore, as well as the first song that Taylor Swift wrote for this album. 3 days ago It includes songs that feature HAIM, Bon Iver, and the National. Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Related Stories. I didn’t realize when we were there that it was gonna be the last live recording session that I would probably do for a long time. Have you talked about that with Eric and Anaïs? That should at least give you a pause, if nothing else, right? Electric & acoustic guitars by Josh Kaufman. We can just hang around with a guitar and share some lyrics with each other. And I think on this new record, his lyrics are bananas. I left feeling like we had it. The harmonica and guitar riffs on the song were played by Josh Kaufman, who also played the harmonica on "Betty" from Folklore. I remember meeting our engineer at the airport on our way as news was really starting to hit. It just felt overall like the band was alive again. 7/23/2020. For Kaufman, it was just another day of work. It’s a gift he laces throughout his seamless instrumentation and production work on This Is The Kit’s rustic, glowing Off Off On, which he partially completed in that same closet after sessions in a small village in southwestern England. STEREOGUM: Looking at everything you had a hand in making in 2020 alone, is your default state to be just always working on multiple projects? STEREOGUM: This year, being part of some highest-profile projects in pop music, as well as getting two Grammy nominations, have you given any thought to what that means for you, and what you might want to do with that visibility? Some of the guys, when they’re not playing in the Hold Steady, it’s not like they’re playing in other bands. //

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