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The BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S 6-1/2 in. BIC America Venturi dv84 sample - Duration: 1:24. While I have never claimed to be an audiophile I am hereby claiming that my flabber is gasted. As a satisfied owner of BIC America speakers for at least a decade I recently started seriously considering upgrading my system. Hooked up to JVC A/V receiver and the sound is more than my expectation. I gave the speaker a workout with my favorite movie, Transformers, and I could certainly tell a difference right away. I run everything through an Onkyo TX-NR747 AV Receiver with 110W at 8 ohms. Very detailed, can understand dialog at even low volumes. I contacted Ed Frias @ EFE and decided to go ahead and have the crossovers modified on all 3 speakers. Taking this very good product and doing extensive crossover modifications to them. One of the best kept secrets in audio. All of the seats in our 18’x 20’ room were no more than 6 feet off center, so a 12 ft wide area was all we tested. My system: custom stickers | print stickers | business printing | printing company. Cost: $110 Summary: The speaker is now CV62CLRS and has much smaller dimensions, plus the 6" woofer is now 6 1/2". From the start, it was clear again that Paradigm speaker is made with a relatively brighter tonal characteristic. It really goes down low (indeed the manual specs 38Hz). Vanilla ice cream is good, but I like banana splits even more. BIC America Series Venturi Model DV62CLR-S Details | Type Center Channel Speaker Sold As Single Driver Units Two 6.5" poly/graphite woofers 0.75" poly soft dome tweeter Power Rating 10-175 watts per channel 38Hz - 20kHz Voices sound full and natural from high to bass. I must admit, we found this comparison quite surprising. Paradigm CC-370 v.3 (for about 1 month) and prior to that, a Paradigm Studio CC to match my Studio 40's and 20's. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Not much to report as far as differences from either speaker except the CC-370 became a bit bright sounding as you moved closer to the sweet spot, and softened up some as you moved off-axis. Smooth, warm, natural sound with good clarity and detail, well suited to dialogue. Some people out there may have their doubts but I recommend do like I did.... drink the Kool-Aid with the rest of us who have purchased this speaker. All Rights Reserved. It produces a total of 175 Watts sound power to send blowing thuds and rumbles. Secondary stereo system in basement - Wharfedale Emerald 93's. The room is 12' X 21' with 7' wood ceiling. photographyreview.com The robots actually sounded like they were changing right in my living room!!! and 2-5 ½” Adattos for a second system. Needs adequate time to break in (if you can consider this a weakness), Purchased this speaker new from a local independant dealer who gave me a great deal ($135 dollars including shipping! The speakers are approx 18" from each side and rear wall with a slight toe in toward my sitting area. The BICs don’t share the slight hissy sibilance in vocals that the Paradigms exhibit. The BIC dv62si could be used as mains with the 62clr-s center for an excellent budget system. All Rights Reserved. These DO NOT sound like a $320 pair of speakers and rival many more costly models I’ve owned!! Fast & Free shipping on many items! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BIC DV-62CLR-S Center Speaker at the best online prices at eBay! The world-famous patented The midranges of both were fairly equal, it was hard to notice much of a difference in tonal characteristics other than the warmer sound mentioned above. poly graphite woofers reproduce everything from whisper-soft vocals in a jazz song to the loudest explosions in an action movie. Voices are like they are in the room and talking or singing right there. The no-compromise design produces life-like dialog for use with all surround formats. Rating 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review BIC America Venturi Series DV-64 Tower Speaker Posted 9 years ago. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that BIC America DV62si are more popular speakers, based on their 400+ reviews. A friend of mine visited to help me understand why his several thousand dollar system was such a better practical sonic value. Like some of the other reviewers have stated, I think that the speaker sounds very good out of the box but requires a decent degree of burn in time (60-100 hours) to really shine. The front soundstage is much more evenly balanced. It's big, but it sounds great. NOTE: As before, to validate my claims, and prove I owned the speakers referred to in this review, I can send pictures upon request. Voice matching is a bit off but very close and again, after burn in, may not be an issue. I was thinking on the right track. You can buy these cheaper off the web, but the sound reproduction with this full modification is outstanding. What a steal! Also...great sound. I have a quality complete 6:1 100RMS watts/channel with powered 23htz sub for under $1K which will perform as well or better than systems costing several x more. Recommended to buy this speaker at acousticsoundesign. The speakers become transparent, only producing this large wall of crystal clear, precise smooth sound. There is alot of talk about these speakers.To modify, or not to modify?Maybe this will help you decide on what to do.This center channel speaker sounds great in the stock version, after break in period.It seems a bit bright for my personal tastes, the key words, personal tastes.Some guys I know love that sizzle and boom sound.That is what you get with the stock version, not a very detailed and clear midrange.After listening to my stock version for about a year,I decided to send the crossover to Ed.I received the crossover in a very quick manner, installed it, and to my pleasant surprise the sizzle and boom factor was all but gone.This speaker became a accurate reproducer of audio signal.The tonal balance was remarkable.Very clear and defined mids, lows, and highs.I run everything flat on my head in, and this speaker sounds fantistic, for my personal tastes.So, if you think your speaker sounds good to you now, leave it alone, and enjoy, if you think it sounds a bit bright,spend the $20.00, send the crossover to Ed, and then enjoy.Either way you can,t go wrong with this speaker. BIC Acoustech PL-89 II Review Because of their 98 dB sensitivity rating, the BIC Acoustech PL-89 II floor standing speakers can project sound at incredible volumes with very little amplification. This has to be the Best $450.00 I've ever spent on any audio purchase! audioreview.com and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. I dont know how but it make my rears come alive. Two 6.5" polygraphite woofers. 2 rotel rb980bx (bridged mono to rears - 200 watts each) lanjagg Pros mentioned: Bass, Design, Price I have owned my pair of DV-64s for close to 3 years now. The highs are crips and clear without being overly harsh. I don’t mean to pick on Paradigm at all, but the CC-370 was the only center channel we had in the same room to do this quick a/b comparison to. Playing jurrasic park III, the scene where the allisauris (SP) fights & defeats the t-rex with a NECK_KRUNCHING BITE! What a topic of research he turned out to be! YOU CAN FEEL THE DEPTH OF THE ALLISAURIS'S JAWS SINKING INTO THE T-REX'S NECK!!! I went with the Acoustech's I saw where McMan said the Acoustech's were the lower line to the Venturi. A very good match with the Ar.com EFE DIY's. After installing the modified crossovers the speakers are simply amazing, with great clarity and detailed mids and highs. I highly advise the skeptics out there to just purchase these and let ED Frias work his Magic! He was impressed in the extreme. I honestly cannot complain for $160, but compared to my old Studio CC the midrange isn't quite as open and smooth. This speaker, however, made her sit and listen to her favorite movie soundtrack from start to finish! | audioreview.com. I also have some Older Mirage Towers (12 Years Old) and the Modified BIC DV62CLRS simply have better detail and clairity as well as better depth and transparancy! Get free shipping on qualified BIC America Home Audio or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Electrical department. I have had the new speakers and the three crossovers back, installed and playing for over two weeks. I then came across an article about how he dramatically improved the sound of the BIC America DV62si bookshelf speakers. Neither is the CC-370 at over double the price! This speaker is great it's sound range is huge and gave great depth to my system. Recently I just found BIC VENTURI DV62CLR S 6.5 CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER (DV62CLR S) made available in a nice total price anyone could very well pay out. This system has allowed me to become very aware with my music and recommend good media as this modest priced system will immediately point out any weakness in media, engineering or other quality. 7 … This speaker is not so dominant that it puts my other speakers to shame but the range this unit is capable of helps bring out all sorts of sounds I'm not sure I was able to hear before. In live mode I hear detail that I never new existed on recordings. Price, sound quality, looks.... did I mention price? It was our intention to use the DV62CLRS in a center channel role. I found Ed's phone number and gave him a call. I cheaped out and spent the $160, what a bargin! Experience stunningly clear audio sound with Bic America speaker for a dynamic cinematic performance. This review is for the smaller DV62CLR-S speaker. The sound stage is huge and can be very intense at volume. This in my opinion was the most obvious difference, the Monitor 5’s have a reasonably wide soundstage and decent imaging, but compared to the BICs they lack depth and transparency. It is so clear that even my wife made a comment about it and she is a hard one to impress when it comes to home theater. A bit heavy and was made in China. I looked on Craiglist, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, and retailers galore for information and reviews to inform and guide me. Sound Quality Transparancy Sonic Detail Powerful, Looks, albit not bad Large, may be a problem with placement now require quality input.....good Cd's will show weekness of other equiptment. This thing sounds as good as my Monitor Audio Silver LCR. I hope someday Gene or Clint review this line, as well as the Acoustech 5.1 setup. A great speaker with great reviews. Newegg shopping upgraded 10W-175W per channel. He now has his own new line of “T” series audiophile speaker out in piano cabinet finish (efespeakers@commspeed.net) and I will upgrade to these sometime in the future and hand down the BICs to the kids. The 62clrs came in first. After reading all the teriffic reviews of the BIC DV62CLRS speaker I purchased 3 for the front of my surround system. So we tried these out. (4) 4 product ratings - BIC VENTURI V830 Floor Standing Tower Speaker 150-Watt 2-Way Home Media Theater This lends itself to providing a bit more detail on some instruments, but becomes a bit scratchy and too harsh at times as well, a trade-off I’m not too fond of. Great midrange, and lows for a center channel. Being a relentless value shopper and also fortunate to find EFE Technology on this site to get the best value possible in sound reproduction. It incorporates a high current 200 watt (430-watts peak) amp (designed using BASH Technology) combined with a 12 INCH heavy duty long-throw woofer with a highly powerful magnet. video-shielded, two-way, three-driver center channel speaker, two 5.25" polymer-coated woofers, 13mm poly dome tweeter. Occuasional slight bass overlap with sub which i adjust mannually. response, Price. JW Tucson 5,376 views 1:24 1980s Synth Bass Arpeggio Techniques - Duration: 10:25. Rear banana plugs made a/b switching fast and easy. Product Reviews for BIC VENTURI 6.5" Center Channel Speaker (DV62CLR-S) Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product. I have spent over a year auditioning center speakers from a variety of brands for under $500.00. Most customers receive within 4-7 days. It even brought out some subtle sounds from music also. Good idea, that! I'm blown away with how good these 3 speakers sound and I have a little over $450.00 in all three! It's a warm, efficient, vocal center with jaw dropping bass. Very good bass response for a center channel, and good off-axis response. Great deals on BIC Home Speakers and Subwoofers. These are designed and engineered by Ed Frias. carreview.com | Center Channel Speaker uses state-of-the-art components to produce lifelike sound and imaging rich in clarity. I had been searching.... make that scouring, the net for center channels that would be the best possible sound without taking out a mortgage on my home. Paradigm deserves credit, this speaker is very well suited for dialogue, but like the Monitor 5’s, it generated a bit of undesirable sibilance and hissing in vocals. At least not to my ears (and I'm kinda hard of hearing). The BIC America DV62CLR-S 175 Watt 2-Way 3-Driver 6.5 In. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. You'll like it so much you'll want to buy all BIC. The EFE mod. Previously after some extended researched learning I had purchased 5 EFE Technology modified BIC America speakers; 1 DV62CLRS as a center and 2DV62SI as bookshelfs for my 6:1 system. I believe Paradigm is quite competitive with other mainstream speakers. I suspect this plagues most center channel speakers. I purchased this speaker to match my DV62si main speakers, which have had the crossovers modified by Ed Frias. You won't be sorry. If it wasn't for a book case I can't move I do not think toe in would be needed at all. Everything was soooo clear!! The BIC AMERICA V1220 sub-woofer delivers unparalleled performance at it's price point! Upon placing the BICs on 29” stands, we both had to admit that they looked a little odd compared to what we’re use to. These DV62CLRS are far beyond what I’ve come to expect from speakers in this price range. Used the speaker a lot for 5 weeks and have been impressed enough to write a review. That was how I chanced upon Mr. Ed Frias. However, it is designed by US engineers,and China is improving their product quality lately. BIC America DV62si are a very popular option on the lower end of the price range. Why not upgrade by replacing 2 of my I purchased the 62-S model last week, and it arrived 3 days ago. Good Luck! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black) at Amazon.com. I have 4 of them. Regards and enjoy, Gary F in southern Indiana. I enjoy listening to music but have no experience with speakers or audio technology to speak of at all. Dining room system - Axiom M3Ti's. If the Monitors 5’s had anything on the BIC DV62CLRS it would be efficiency and the ability to play ear-bleeding loud. I know I'm not. Unmatched value. That being said, the DV62CLRS performs better than the CC-370, has better bass response, a slightly warmer, less harsh sound, and is $200 cheaper! Loud, powerfull and costs next to nothing. Playing jurrasic park III, the scene where the allisauris (SP) fights & defeats the t-rex with a NECK_KRUNCHING BITE! Looks, she ain't pretty. Everything from sound baffles, bass traps, diffusers and speaker placements ad nauseum. Throwing in some classical music (the Deutsche Grammophon recording of "Carmina Burana", Gladiator, Rachmaninov Piano Concertos 2-4 etc) a few differences became immediately obvious. BIC America Venturi DV-62CLRS 2-Way Center Channel Speaker (1) Write a Review Share In stock. Very pleased with purchase. I could see this speaker selling, easily for hundreds of dollars more (BIC has to be paying their employees in donuts or something). I found the bass response of the DV62CLRS to be just as smooth, and even a bit tighter, though perhaps not quite having the same bottom end extension. This was his recommendation to match perfectly with the center and get the best BIC system. Or so I thought. The response was a bit more balanced in the DV62CLRS. The Bics do well! I don’t get paid by Ed, but I appreciate excellent work. And, I suspect, silently envious at the value to cost disparity I had received from Ed Frias. Size...might provide difficulty on smaller TV sets. So it began. IT'S INCREDIBLE FOR A $100.00 CENTER SPEAKER!!!! , It seemed appropriate to adorn Ed Frias' good name with another garland in a long list of positive reviews. The good part is the sound is actually better with the upgrades. Not a pretty speaker. All in all I am quite impressed with the DV62CLRS in it’s center channel capacity. The speaker was to replace my Sony SS-CN550H. No high dollar nameplate. I ordered the Bic Dv26clr-s based on the reviews and I was not disappointed. Wide, deep, 3D soundstage. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It’s as if he turbo charges a good engine. Paradigm Monitor 5's (v.3), Studio 20's and Studio 40's (v.2) He is great to work with, answers all your questions in a timely manner and his work is first class. Once I took my miniscule center out and swapped I was amazed!! I am a big fan of BIC America, and this center-channel speaker is another reason why. Considering its bargain price, the DV62CLR-S may be the best value, in a center channel speaker, on the market. Now I saw several review, which hints the fact the user with the BIC VENTURI DV62CLR S 6.5 CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER (DV62CLR S) were definitily fulfilled together with fully feel worthy in order to get it. roadbikereview.com | Exceptional imaging. (less cables/shipping). The walls are wood, drywall and polished concrete. While I may agree partly, for $500.00 less, I'll deal with the so-called shortcomings and wait for that 60-100 hours of burn-in time that will smooth out those difficulties. For most movies, effects would happen so quick that you could get away with it, but the musical scores in a lot of films, and the new multi-channel audio formats like DVD-A and SACD (or even Concert DVD’s) really benefit from that lower frequency response in the center. For the price you cant beat what you get. I have researched center channels for about the last year-year and a half, and I kept hearing about this center channel. Phase technology pc3 rears It is the appreciative missive of a retired fellow in Indiana that is grateful that craftsmen like Ed Frias are still available and admirably providing service to folks like you and I. Mr. Frias can be reached at 1-928-778-2616, or efespeakers@centurylink.net, if you are seeking similar results. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical as to the probability of sub $200 center channel speaker reproducing sound even remotely acceptable by my standards but the BIC dv62slrs has made a believer out of me. This is not a paid or reimbursed review. I plan to enjoy it for years to come. Finally, we tried a crude test of moving off axis from the sweet spot to get a sense of the dispersion characteristics. BIC America has some of the best sounding speakers at a price that is ridiculously cheap. Surprise, surprise!!! It exhibited the same brightness/harshness that my DV62's had before I sent the crossovers to EFE for modification. In conclusion I would like to say "Thank you" to Mr. Frias for his time, patience, counsel and wonderful speakers. Get $5 off when you sign up for emails with savings and tips. The detail and clarity of sound brought a new demension to all media; movies,CDs DVDs, computer mp3s, music and singers and even my old vinyl collection became surprisingly renewed. A great speaker with great reviews. I personally have all the speakers named in this review, and will provid anyone PROOF via pictures to validate my claims!!! I discovered that my ancient main BIC speakers had become muddy and one of the crossovers was failing and was causing gaps and distortion in the sound and needed replacement . Superb midrange performance...midrange should not be as good at this price! The 6 1/2" bass drivers emit gobs of tight accurate base (partly due to the two rear ports located directly behind each driver) and are very solidly constructed (I popped one of them out for a closer look and "suprise again" they incorporate high excursion cones with oversized magnets and a suprisingly high quality crossover network). Now, I happily heard many new sound in the DVD movies by using this speaker. I’d still use a subwoofer for both speakers, so the bass becomes a moot point. Solid MDF construction. It's a good deal larger than the Polk it replaced, and the 6-1/4" woofers really expand the soundscape while adding low-end punch. Still, no need for acoustic room treatments. i'm sure that there are better sounding centers that disperse the sound much better than the bic america dv62clrs. After contacting Mr. Frias (efespeakers@commspeed.net) I was surprised to see his prices on the speakers he builds were lower than the factory built brand names I was looking at. The BIC does have a much lower bass response, and completely trumps the CC-370 in this area. I was skeptical at first but continued to find posts on the net that highly praised these speakers that came from Ed. Hitachi 60" hight def monitor, Phase tech, Lower end B&W and Boston Acoustics, Polk. The incumbent center channel was a Paradigm CC-370 v.3 (retail over $400) I acquired last month after selling a more expensive Studio CC to help pay for the EFE DIY's. Compared to the BICs the Paradigms seem to carry just a bit of "boom and sizzle" and didn't image quite as well (in truth, the BICs seemed to image almost as well as my $1200 Paradigm Studio 40’s!!!). video-shielded, two-way, three-driver center channel speaker, two 5.25" polymer-coated woofers, 13mm poly dome tweeter. BIGではなくてBIC America。 なお、使用している自作スピーカーについては話が発散するので、詳細は今回は触れないが、使用しているユニットの話だけをすると、台湾のTangBand社が出しているW4-1757SBという「平面バッフル」という変わったバッフルを採用した10cmユニットを使用してい … http://www.slottweak.com/bic/bic.htm. Ed increases the smoothness clarity and volume of the speakers as well as extending the bass range. Absolutely. I just left the power amp to the front main speakers off, so the front stage was ONLY the center speaker. Scouring the internet for quality, and budget friendly, options. This speaker is an excellent choice for a center channel. In fact, I was use to the sound of the CC-370 and only when listening to the slightly warmer sound of the BIC did this sibilance then become annoying. Become a surround sound junkie and makes the dog bark. My sub volume is at 3/10 and the cross over is at 75 Hz. The BIC nicely fills in the bass down to about 60 Hz while remaining reasonably tight and accurate (and actually extends even further).

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