how old is sasuke in boruto

3 Hands-on", "Naruto/Dragon Ball/Toriko Rivals, Transformations in J-Stars Victory Vs. Game", "Japanese Fans Rank Anime's Most Memorable Rivalries", "Japanese Fans Rank Anime's Greatest Rivals", "Part II – An Evening with Masashi Kishimoto", "Results for Survey on the best Rivals that Turned Into Comrades", "The Sound Four Join Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4", "本日発売!『NARUTOーナルトー ナルティメットストーム4』。最後の闘いでサスケが一瞬こんな表情をする演出があります。"ある意味この瞬間に決着はついてるんだよ!"なんて話しながら作りました。どこなのか探してみてください。。", "定期的にテレビアニメ『NARUTO-ナルト-』133話を観返して自分自身の原点に立ち戻る。いくつもある神作画回がオレを強くしてくれる。こうした映像を「たまらない」と感じるオレが正しいって気付かせてくれる。やっぱりたまらない。涙の咆哮! オマエはオレの友達だ", "Naruto – Keychains – Sasuke PVC Keychain", "Naruto Toys – Action Figures at Official Naruto Store", "Love and Ninja Included in New "Naruto" Prize Figure Lottery", "Naruto Creator on Being Asked for Sequel: 'Please Let Me Rest Now, "Namco Bandai Europe Teases Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Bonus Figures", "Figure Build Close-up: 2016 S.H. Mitsuki finds all the discussion about their parents interesting, but insists that Naruto and Sasuke have nothing on his parent: Orochimaru. He became cold toward others, unmoved by and uninterested in what they do or think of him, choosing instead to keep to himself. The staff noted that following this fight, Sasuke's face became calmer despite his initial look, giving room to explore his redemption. [129][130] Reviewers considered that the characters' tactics and the emphasis on their rivalry's emotional undercurrents made Sasuke and Naruto's final fight from the story's first part one of the most entertaining in the series,[131][132] and they praised the one-sided romantic relationship between Sasuke and Sakura. [69][70] Sasuke inherits the Rinnegan — a legendary eye technique — from the spirit of the Sage of the Six Paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Founder of Shinobi. Several months later, during a mission to catch a rampaging bear, Konohamaru tested a recent invention of Konoha's Scientific Ninja Weapons Team: the Kote, a device that allows anyone to perform any ninjutsu pre-stored in a scroll. [19] The Chidori (千鳥, lit. [89] In Sakura Hiden (2015), an adult Sasuke continues his journey of redemption but returns to Konohagakure out of concern for Sakura's safety. Boruto is very intrigued by the device. Preferring an overall more direct approach in battle, he relies on various intricate misdirection and feints, which allowed him to get the better of Iwabee and even the likes of Momoshiki. While later reporting the bear's successful capture to Naruto, Boruto brags that he could have completed the mission on his own. [147][148], Sasuke has continued to receive praise following the end of the Naruto series. Unlike his late-blooming parents, Boruto was recognized as a prodigy by the time he became a shinobi. Japanese [12] He decided to have Naruto forgive Sasuke because he had also forgiven Nagato, another former enemy. Sometime later, Boruto took care of Himawari when she became ill. After arguing with Naruto, the two are kicked out the house, leading to Naruto buying them dinner at Ramen Ichiraku. As Shojoji manages to get back up, Boruto prepares another Rasegan. [48] Although Sasuke is antisocial, cold, and distant, he starts caring about Naruto and Sakura. When Boruto and his team select their answer they are dumped into a pit, which Boruto, assuming this means they've failed, makes no effort to save himself from. While Boruto shows off impressive improvement in his timing and control of his various techniques, Naruto is able to easily repel his various assaults. Momoshiki attacks with the jutsu he's absorbed, including those earlier used by Boruto. His … Writers considered his fight scenes in Boruto: Naruto the Movie and in particular his teamwork with Naruto to be the best parts of the film,[149][150][151][152] with its television series also received critical acclaimed to the point of finding as appealing as the final fight from Shippuden between Sasuke and Naruto. After a small skirmish between Boruto, Shisuma Hoshigaki applauded Boruto and Iwabee's guts at facing them before calmly walking off. This led everyone, including Boruto to sadly conclude that he in fact did not awaken his Byakugan. Studio Pierrot released artwork that was sold alongside this figure. As a result, although the lyrics often mentions the farewells Sasuke and Sarada had, the intention was meant to make it look optimistic as they are destined to meet once again. Family [85] The first Part II film in which he appears is Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds (2008). Boruto however insisted that he can't let his family ties define him, as Boruto could relate to being compared to his famous Hokage father and grandfather. [30] He rejoins Naruto to oppose Orochimaru's former test subject Shin, who takes the Uchiha surname for his own while seeking to avenge Itachi and revive the Akatsuki to end the peace. [19] Sasuke's hair, which was originally short to save Kishimoto time, slowly grew longer as the series progressed. [166] According to academic Amy Plumb, Kishimoto's references to Japanese mythology in Naruto, including the heraldic symbol of Sasuke's clan — a fan known as an uchiwa — added layers to the story and Sasuke's ability to 'blow away' the Nine-Tailed Fox's influence on Naruto resembled the mythological use of the fan to dispel evil.

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